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11.08.2009 09:37 Uhr | Aenima | 56890 Aufrufe 0 like 0 flame

Plantronics Battle of the Best @ Games Convention Online 2009

MMO Social-Community ( proudly presents in co-operation with, World of Warcraft PvE-Action at its best, live at the Games Convention Online 2009 taking place at Leipzig (07/31 to 08/02/2009).

Video on Demand now available!

Four of the highest-ranked World of Warcraft guilds worldwide will compete at the two Plantronics Battle of the Best @ GCO 2009, the first extraordinary and spectacular WoW summer event of the year 2009.



On Saturday, August 1st starting at 16:00 CET two of Germany's finest WoW guilds will virtually clash against each other for the predominance of German World of Warcraft guilds: Irae AoD vs. For the Horde. Be prepared for an exciting, high-quality German match-up. Live on stage we will welcome of For the Horde Christan "Sahtras" Sachse and of Irae AoD Payam "Sanilas" Astheimer.



On Sunday, August 2nd starting at 15:30 CET the audience will have the chance to witness the absolute World of Warcraft highlight of the Games Convention Online 2009 at Leipzig: Ensidia vs. Method, or the number one guild worldwide fighting against the number two ranked contender.
As a very special guest, is proud to be able to present you one of Ensidia's Guild-leader and WoW-icon Thomas "Kungen" Bengtsson live at the GCO in Leipzig. He will defend the Ensidia-colours live on stage, which will also be the first time for him representing his new guild Ensidia at one of the biggest games-exhibitions in Europe.
At this News Method keeps up and sends their Guildleader to Leipzig, too. Scott "Sco" McMillan from Method will fight for his Guild, live on stage.

Following are some more vital facts on the Plantronics Battle of the Best @ Games Convention 2009:
The Battle of the Best concept was originally developed and brought into life by and brings two World of Warcraft guilds together on one stage to compete against each other in a WoW-instance time-run.
In Leipzig there will be an Ulduar time-run (10 people per guild) for the first time in BotB history. Ulduar will be divided into four zones consisting of the respective bosses in the zone. Both guilds will always start with the same zone and will be getting points for killing the zone's endboss faster than the other guild. The points for boss-clearing a zone will be increasing from zone to zone so we will have an exciting and spectacular race from the beginning till the end, which marks the kill of Yogg-Saron.
The contender with more points accumulated will be declared as the winner.

There will also be an english moderated version of the stream here on!

Battle of the Best Rules in English:

The Instance will be Ulduar non Heroic:

As we did in our last Battle in Naxxramas, we will split Ulduar into sections and reward the won sections with points. Due to the tight scheudule we will let the guilds clear Flame Leviatan up front and skip the optional bosses Ignis, Razorscale und Iron Council

  • The point-distribution will look like this:

    • The Siege of Ulduar (just XT-002): 1
    • The Antechamber Ulduar (just Kologarn und Auriaya): 2
    • The Keepers of Ulduar: 3
    • The Decent to Madness: 5
  • The first guild to achieve 6 points will win the match.

  • Mimiron has to be engaged in Hard Mode "Firefighter"
  • It is up to die guilds if they engage the other bosses in normal or hard mode.
  • Before Auriaya is pulled, it is only allowed to clear the two trash-packs to the left and right of the platform behind the shattered walkway. (i.e. the four "Storm Tempered Keepers")
  • The four "Storm Tempered Keepers" HAVE to be killed to complete the "Antechamber-Wing"
  • There are no limitations concerning consumables Consumables, all potions, flasks und gimmicks are allowed.
  • The boss order inside the "wings" is up to the guilds.
  • Each section will be started simultaneously i.e. the faster team may have to wait for the other team to finish the preceding section. The Guilds have to wait for the pull command from the moderators.
  • Clearing up of all the trash-mobs is not needed (Exept the four "Storm Tempered Keepers" behind the shattered walkway) - To skip trashmobs, everything is allowed
  • Substitution of players during the raid is not allowed
  • Setup can be chosen freely
  • Every help from outside the raid is not allowed (for example soul-stone rotation with other players in front of the instance which are not part of the raid...)

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